Do you know that Kroger stores reward you on every purchase worth $5000? Yeah, that’s true! You can earn 50 fuel points and a gift voucher of $5000 by participating in the KrogerFeedback Survey program. All you have to do is collect your shopping receipt, log in to for 50 fuel points, answer a few questions, and here you go. 

Collect your reward points for your next purchase and save $1 on 1 gallon of fuel. Isn’t it amazing? Continue reading to learn about the KrogerFeedback survey and how to leverage it. 

What is the Kroger Feedback 50 Fuel Points Survey?

KrogerFeedback 50 Fuel point is an excellent way to earn rewards on your purchase from Kroger stores. Kroger Co itself sponsored the survey for their customers. The purpose is to build an unbreakable bond with customers and offer them rewards for extra savings. 

The customers get the receipt for purchasing anything from the store. They can use it to enter into the Monthly Sweepstakes and answer the questions asked in the survey. At the end of the survey, the customer receives 50 fuel points instantly, which they can redeem to save $1 on fuel. However, visitors can collect as many fuel points as they want by participating in the survey. 

Krogerfeedback Survey 50 fuel points

Kroger 50 Fuel Points Survey: Rules & Requirements

Here are some rules and requirements that you need to follow to enter 50 bonus fuel point survey. 

  • The participant must be 18 years old to enter into the KrogerFeedback survey. 
  • The purchase receipt is valid for only 7 days. Therefore, if you want to participate in the survey, use your purchase receipt within seven days. 
  • Participants must have a reliable internet connection and devices like mobile phones or laptops. 
  • Use the correct URL of the website to participate because sometimes the link is broken, and users cannot participate in the survey. So, always use an active link to participate in the survey program
  • Basic knowledge of English is a must to participate in the program. Alternatively, the user who knows Spanish can also enter into the survey program. 
  • You can use one receipt at one time
  • The user must be a USA citizen
  • Employees of Kroger are not allowed to take part in this survey program.
  • You are not eligible to transfer the price to others.

How to participate in the survey To Get 50 Fuel Points?

Individuals who want to take participate in this program can follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Foremost, go to the official website of
  • Customers have to enter the following details: Entry ID, date, & time of visit to the store. The details are mentioned on your purchase receipt to find them easily.
  • Once you submit the details, click on “Start”. 
  • You will see so many questions on-screen related to your last visit to the Kroger store. 
  • Answer the questions carefully and truthfully. Explain your experience and answer all the questions to collect the 50 fuel points. 
  • Now, you get the option like this “KrogerFeedback 50 Fuel Points Survey Yes or Not”
  • Click on “No”. You see the “Thank You” message on the screen. 
  • But if you click on “Yes,”. You need to fill in all the essential details to enter the Monthly Sweepstakes.
  • Submit a survey to receive your sweepstakes and instantly win a 50 fuel points bonus. 
  • Moreover, you’ll receive a $5000 gift card and many other rewards. Survey Details

Survey Kroger 50 Fuel Points Survey
Kroger 50 Fuel Points
Is purchase Necessary?No purchase is not necessary to take participate in this program
Survey RewardsKroger Gift Cards worth $5000, Kroger 50 Fuel Points
Receipt Validity7 Days of Purchase or Buying
Survey Winner LimitationOne participant can get this reward in each sweepstakes period
Age Limitations18 years
Can Kroger Employees take Part?No
How much an individual can earn Kroger Fuel PointsThe fuel Point Limit is 50
Survey RequirementsSecure Internet, Laptop, or mobile phone
Survey LanguagesEnglish and Spanish language
Email Required or Not?Yes
Kroger Customer Service Phone1-800-576-4377
Kroger Website

Kroger Feedback Survey through Mail

Individuals now can participate in the KrogerFeedback Survey through the mail. If you want to participate via mail, write your complete name, official address, and contact number on a card and send it to the Customer Survey Sweepstakes Monthly PMI Station, PO Box 3547, Southbury, CT 06488-3547. 

However, be sure that all the mail entries should be received at head office before the eighth day of the month. The mail should be posted via postcards separately. The winner’s announcement will be made on the official website only. So, you can visit the website timely to check the winner list. 

Kroger Feedback Survey Rewards

After the completion of the KrogerFeedback survey, customers are eligible to earn exciting reward points, which are as follows: 

  1. $5000 Kroger Gift Voucher- Grand Prize 
  2. $1000 Kroger Gift Voucher- First Prize 
  3. 4X Kroger Fuel Points 
  4. 2X Kroger Fuel Points
  5. Kroger 50 fuel points bonus 
  6. Grocery discount at Kroger 
  7. And many more. Survey Grand Price

Kroger Survey Grand Prize

  • Total 6 entries and 1 per entry period- $5000 Gift voucher  
  • No more than 6 entries are available at Sweepstakes 
  • The total ARV of the grand prize is $5000

First Prize (Total 600-100 per Entry Period)

  • The first prize is of $100 Kroger Gift Voucher 
  • 600 entries will be available on Sweepstakes 
  • Total ARV is first prize is $100

Odds of Winning 

The odds of winning are based on the Sweepstakes entries in each Entry period. 

Terms & Conditions:

  • One person can win only one prize
  • Only six entries for Grand Prize and 600 for First prizes will be awarded
  • If more number of surveys wins, a notification will be sent to the customers; in that case, the prize will be distributed by following official rules and a lucky draw basis. 
  • The gift voucher can be used under certain terms and conditions mentioned on the official site or the voucher. Furthermore, the Kroger Gift voucher is only accepted once the user accepts the terms and conditions.
  • The gift voucher is non-transferable, and you are not eligible to get cash or redeem your gift voucher to collect cash. 
  • The gift card is not acceptable if broken, damaged, or stolen. Moreover, other users cannot use gift vouchers without the winners’ permission.

How To Claim Prize Incase If You Win?

Winners can claim their award by following the official rules. After the draw, the Kroger store managers will inform the winner’s visa by phone and email. The grand prize winners will be instructed to follow the rules and sign up and return an Affidavit of the liability, eligibility, and public release. The documents need to be submitted within 5days after the announcement of the winners. The winner will lose entries if they fail to report on time. Alternatively, another winner will be selected from the list. Moreover, the winner will be disqualified if they do not follow the rules to claim the prize. FAQ’s

Is KrogerFeedback 50 Fuel Points Bonus Survey Real?

Yes, KrogerFeedback 50 fuel point bonus survey is real and sponsored by the Kroger Co. 

What does Kroger Means to the Kroger Customer?

Kroger is one of the biggest US grocery store chains and retail companies. For Kroger customers, it’s a retail company to get organic food and other grocery items known as Simple Truth. Right now the store sells more than 35,000 products and has millions of certified customers. 

Does Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey Help the Customers?

Yes, The KrogerFeedback survey is helpful to get better services. Kroger Co surveys to understand the customer’s demands and what kind of services they want. In return for the survey, customers get 50 fuel points and a chance to win a grand prize worth around $5000 as a Gift voucher. 

Do we need to rate our experience at the Store to participate in the Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Yes, you can rate your experience through the Kroger Customer Satisfaction survey. 

Is there any chance to win Kroger Gift Cards?

Yes, you can win the Kroger Gift cards. However, the odds of winning will depend on the number of entries in the survey and Sweepstakes. 

How To Use Gift cards from Survey?

You can use the gift voucher at the Kroger store and go to the registry office of the store. Whatever be purchased from the store, the amount will be deducted from the gift voucher. Moreover, you can also use the gift voucher for online shopping from Kroger stores. 

What are the cancellation or return policies for Kroger Gift Cards?

You can cancel the order before shipment. If the order has been shipped, you are not eligible to cancel the order. Cancellation can be made between 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Pacific Time. 
The Kroger gift card cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash or any other place except the store.
Only 50 US customers can receive gift vouchers from Kroger stores. 


So, this is all about the KrogerFeedback online survey and how you can participate in the KrogerFeedback Survey 50 Points. The survey program is great for winning exciting rewards and fuel points which you can use to shop more for free from the Kroger store. If you’re a regular customer of the Kroger store, then don’t forget to participate in the survey. Who never knows, maybe you get the chance to win a $5000 gift voucher. If you have more queries, do comment below; we will be in touch with you. 

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