Kroger employees scramble to collect tax forms and documents to pay tax returns when the tax filing is near. Earlier, employees had to follow the traditional route to pay tax, but now they can access Kroger W2 Form online from

The Kroger W2 form is accessed to report taxes and annual wages of employees. Now, this form is available at Equifax’s Once you get the form, enter your Kroger employee ID and PIN (last digital Social Security Number) and fill in your tax easily.

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How to Get Kroger W2 Form?

Only Kroger employees or registered users can access the paperless options by following these steps:

  • Visit the Kroger store and connect to your branch manager
  • Contact HR via office number 1-513-762-4000
  • Get your Kroger W2 2021 and check your taxes and annual wages. 

How to Get Kroger W2 Online Form at

Follow these steps to get Kroger W2 online form at

  • Now on the homepage, you see the login column. Enter your Kroger employee ID and PIN given by the store manager. 
  • Click on “Continue” 
  • If you haven’t registered yet, click on Register Now. 
  • Follow the instructions on your screen and get your Kroger W2 form online. 

How to Download Kroger W2 Form?

Follow this process if you want to download the Kroger W2 form. 

  • Go to the website Equifax
  • Log in with your Kroger ID to My Tax Form management.
  • Search for the W2 form and download it. 

What is the Use of Kroger W2 Online Form?

You can use Kroger’s W2 online form for these purposes. 

  • You can report income tax as per the employee receiving pay
  • Registered employees can get various employee benefits and regular wages
  • The employers can also hold back some money from their paycheck
  • Kroger’s W2 forms some power over the Kroger employees. 


So, here is the complete detail about the Kroger W2 form online. Now, you will be able to take this form online from and fill out your tax on time. You don’t need to scramble to collect the form by following the traditional method. Stay worry-free from last-minute hurdles and enjoy tax payments with this online form. You can even download the form to keep it as a record. 

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