What Is Kroger Transfer Prescription

Kroger transfer prescription refers to an online portal to manage your prescriptions yourself. This portal allows users to set up their auto-refill, revise expense reports and pay for the prescriptions online. Recently, Kroger has launched the Kroger pharmacy prescription transfer coupon, allowing users to get $15 off on their purchases.

The individuals will get free groceries in exchange for the digital coupon launched by Kroger. 

How to Transfer Prescription to Kroger

Before you transfer the prescription to Kroger, you need to create an account on Kroger. Let’s follow these steps: 

  • Visit the official website and select the option “My Prescription” from the menu bar. Here you can sign in through your username and password. However, if you don’t have an account, click on “creates an account”. 
  • Keep in mind, to avail of the benefit of this portal, you have to be a former or existing customer of Kroger pharmacies. 
  • Once your account is registered, you can add the patient. Select from the given options “Add a Child”, “Add Myself”, “Access Another Adult”, and Add a Pet and complete the application form. If you want to add a pet and child, you need to have the previous prescription number given on the prescription bottle.
  • Likewise, if you want to add an adult, you need to create an account. 
  • Once you have submitted the details and registered as “My Prescription” next, you need to answer a few questions about security. This is to confirm your identity and in case you are adding any pet or child, then enter the pharmacy phone number or prescription number. 
  • Submit answers, and now you will be able to log in. 
  • After logging into the account, you can easily fill in the prescription details and get prescriptions. 

Kroger provides universal medications to individuals at a reasonable cost. Moreover, you can also get the Kroger prescription coupon downloaded from the site. With this coupon, you can save up to $15 on medicinal purchases. The balance will be added to your Kroger Shopper card, and you can choose to purchase groceries and other things for free. 

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