For all the employees working at Kroger, MyLifeAtKroger portal is created. The employees need user id and password for doing login. After login, they will be able to get access to all the benefits provided to them by the firm. Users will be able to do the access through the dedicated URL Portal: Brief Information

  • A user will get two options in the dashboard. The first option is to do the login for the current associate, and the other option is to do the login for the retiree or spouse. It is basically for the domestic partner.
  • Different steps a user needs to follow when they are looking forward to doing the login. The steps depend on the option they chose earlier.
  • For doing the login, a user needs to visit the dedicated URL instead of going for Kroger benefits.

How to Register With MyLifeAtKroger for Former Associate Login?

  1. If you are not previously registered with portal and a former associate, then follow the below steps.
  2. At first visit portal and then you can land on their homepage
  3. There you can find two login options one for current and one for former/retiree login.
  4. Now as you need to register for formal associate account, click on Login option below Retiree or Spouse/Domestic Partner and you get redirected to Login/Register page.
  5. Here on this page, click on Register Button.
  6. There fill all your following details
    • SSN
    • Login
    • Date Of Birth
    • Last 4 digits of SSN
  7. Then complete the security verification and click on continue button.
  8. Next you will be given some instructions to follow and complete registration process.

Kroger Employee Benefits Login: Requirements:

One should have the following things to login to their MyLifeatKroger account

  1. First thing you need a device, either laptop or mobile, anything works.
  2. Along with a device, for connectivity you need internet access to your device.
  3. Then you need to enter in your browser and there you can login using the below steps mentioned.

Steps to Login MyLifeatKroger Portal:

For doing the login, the steps are very simple. These are as follows:-

  • Visit
  • Now click on the option relevant to the status, whether associate login or retiree or spouse login.
  • After selecting the option, a new page will appear and it will ask for certain details to mention the same.

Kroger Benefits Login For current associate:

  • After visiting the official website, mention the user id and password.
  • Now click on the “I agree” button.
  • After clicking on, I agree the process of login will be completed successfully.

For retiree or domestic partner:

  • After visiting the official website, it will ask for details including date of birth, last name, four digits of SSN.
  • Login credentials will be received on the registered mobile number.
  • After receiving the login credentials, perform the login procedure.
  • Voila! The login has been completed.

After following all these steps, a user will be able to do the login accordingly. This will let an individual get an idea about all the benefits available to them. Also, the benefits available to all the employees will be available on ExpressHR and portal.


If you are working at Kroger’s, then without having any second thought, perform the login now and check out the benefits available.

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