Kroger is one of the best retail companies running multi-department stores in the United States. Timely they introduce various apps that help their employees to check their work schedules and other benefits. Now, Kroger has launched Kroger Clicklist Login, with which customers can shop online. 

Customers can add their Clicklist, choose their delivery address and get grocery items from their remote zones. Let’s read how it works and how you can access this application to shop online from this application. 

Kroger Clicklist Login Curbside Pickup

What is Kroger Clicklist?

Kroger Clicklist is an online grocery shopping application with which customers can easily pick up items and get the delivery at home. They don’t need to visit stores and stand in the queues now. Customers can use the Kroger Clicklist to prepare their grocery lists, and items will be delivered home. 

How Does Kroger Clicklist/Pickup Work?

Kroger Clicklist/Pickup list is a way to shop online from the Kroger stores. You have to visit the Kroger Clicklist website or mobile app. You can directly purchase grocery items online. The Kroger staff members in stores arrange all the products listed online, load them in their vehicles and deliver them to your home address. 

How Can I Pay for My Order?

Make purchases online through Kroger Clicklist/Pickup and add items to the cart. You need to add the bank account information to make the payment at check-out time. Keep in mind; that Kroger does not accept cheques, cash, or gift cards for online shopping. Customers can use a credit card or debit card to pay for the groceries that customers have purchased online. 

However, EBT and SNAP are also accepted at the pickup locations so that you can make payments through these methods. During checkout, you’ll see the total of the items and amounts to be paid through the bank. Moreover, the banks can use this estimated total as a hold on the bank account for approx 3-7 business days. 

The estimated total of purchased items can be changed after taxes and coupons. If you have ordered alcohol, you may need to provide CNIC. Weighted items can be purchased from the stores, but you have to bring your online payment slip. 

Kroger Grocery Pickup & Pricing

Here are some valuable details on the Pickup and pricing of the grocery items. 

Are Coupons Acceptable for Kroger Pick Up? 

Yes, you can use digital coupons for Kroger Pick up. By using coupons, you can enjoy shopping at discounted rates. You can add the coupons to your shopper’s card to have a wonderful purchasing experience. We also accept paper coupons for pickup orders which you can provide to the pickup assistant at the time of pickup. 

What Products Can We Buy Through Kroger Pickup Services? 

Customers can purchase 70k+ products from the Kroger stores through pickup services. But we are now adding more items so that customers can make purchases easily. 

What if the item is Not Available for Pickup Online? 

If the order is not available for pickup online, you can shop offline, or our associates will provide you a substitute for the item. 

How to Select the Weighted Items? 

If you want to choose weighted items like meat or seafood,  our associates will help you choose the items. They closely monitor and provide the substitute for the orders and count the weight. You can also ask for queries during checkout timing. 

How Do We Know You Are Picking Fresh Items?

Our staff members never compromise the quality of our products to you. Our pickup assistants and store employees ensure that customers get fresh meat and other items. So, you can stay worry-free and leave any grocery purchasing items instructions, and we make sure to follow the same to deliver the best products. 

How do the Weighted Products Stay Fresh Until The Order is Available for Pickup? 

The products like seafood and meats are selected right before the scheduled time. Moreover, the order is stored in the refrigerator to keep it fresh for longer. 

Why is there a Difference in Price at the Time of Delivery Than in Actual? 

The price may vary after adding the tax and time that you have selected to deliver the order. However, the actual price will be mentioned on the receipt. You can also talk to the Kroger associates about the price if you have doubts. 

Kroger Item Issues or Refunds

Sometimes customers may have issues with the product delivered to them. They need to have a return and get a refund of the order. So, here are details on the issues and refund.

What If The Item I Have Orders is Not Available in Stores? 

Kroger stores usually have complete stock. However, it may happen sometime when the listed product is not available. But our Kroger staff and associates are highly trained in offering the best substitute for the products that are not available. 

Even if you’re placing an order for groceries online, you still get indications whether the product is available or is there any substitute available. If you need a replacement of the order, it is vital to follow these steps for better results. If the replacement is crucial, then we have to follow certain steps to complete your order which is as follows: 

  • The order will be replaced or upgraded if the items are available again. 
  • If the item you have ordered is not available, but there is a different item available as a substitute in the same brand or other brands, the item will be added as a substitute. 
  • Any dietary item that is gluten-free, sugar-free, or lactose-free will be substituted to meet the requirement. 

What If The Substitute Doesn’t Match With My Requirement? 

If the substitute doesn’t match your requirement, you can return the substitute to the store and get your refund. The pickup assistants review your substitute, and still, you aren’t satisfied; you can easily return the item if you refuse to take the time before completing the order purchase. 

How to Cancel/Change Kroger Pickup Order?

If you aren’t satisfied with the product and want to cancel/change the pickup order, go to the Kroger Clicklist website and sign in to the platform. Choose “My Purchases”. Now you can select the purchase order that you want to cancel or change. 

Moreover, you can also call the customer services number 1-800-576-4377. If you have any queries regarding order cancellation, the customer executives will provide you with the solution. You can make a call between 8:00 am to midnight from Monday to Friday. 

Does Kroger Charge for Pickup

Kroger pickup facility is free on orders of $35 or above. If the order is less than $35, you may need to pay $4.95 as a service charge. Some restrictions may be applied on the orders, so you can check on the website while checking out. Moreover, you can purchase more than 70K items through Kroger online. 

How to Change Pickup Time on Kroger App

Customers cannot change the Kroger app’s pickup time or location for the orders. However, if you want to edit or add any item to your list for next-day pickup, you can change your order list before midnight or the scheduled pickup date. For this, you have to follow these simple steps: 

  • Go to the site and select the option “My Purchases”. 
  • Edit or add an item to your list 
  • Receive the confirmation email about your order. 

Kroger Pickup Customer Service

If you have any queries about the Pickup facilities, Kroger Clicklist, etc., you can call the customer services number. 

Phone Number- 1-800-576-4377

Call Timing- 8:00 am to 12:00 am-midnight (Monday to Friday), and 8:00 am to 9:30 pm (Saturday and Sunday)


Kroger Clicklist Pickup Login is a great way to order your grocery online without visiting the store in real life. Moreover, you can make payments easily through your debit or credit cards and get your groceries at your doorways. It saves your time for grocery shopping. This is all about this newly launched application, and now you can make purchases online hassle-free. 

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