Express HR by Kroger is an employee’s online portal designed by Kroger for employees to access information about work, checks, payment receipts, and other things. It’s an online portal with which Kroger employees can get information about Paystub. However, to access this platform, employees need to have a registered ID and sign up for the Kroger platform, which is often named Express HR or SecureWEB. 

Let’s dive in to know more details about Kroger Express HR and how to check Kroger Pay Stub by using

Kroger Express HR: Overview

Kroger Express HR, as discussed above, is an online portal for employees where they can check their Pay Stub and other details. Only Kroger employees with EUID and passwords can access the platform to check the Paystub. If you don’t have the ID, you can ask HR for the ID and password. They will provide you credentials to log in successfully and check your Pay Stub. 

Users can also modify their profiles and update the latest information. Moreover, they can use this platform for emergency communications and tracking other information. 

Kroger EUID and Password

The employees of Kroger get valid (EUID) Enterprise User ID and passwords with which they can easily log in on the Kroger Express HR to get information about the Pay Stub, work schedule, and leaves and use the platform to modify their information. 

If you don’t have a User ID and password, contact the Kroger store manager; they will provide you with a user ID and password.

What You Can Get At Ess.Kroger.Com Homepage Screen

On Homepage screen of the, employees can get the following things: 

  • Modify profile details
  • Manage employee’s information securely 
  • Check your work schedule 
  • Request for leave schedule 
  • Direct deposit change 
  • Modify and track your work information 
  • Kroger payment receipt with discounts and benefits
  • Get information about salary structure 
  • Emergency communication 
  • Say in touch with your colleagues
  • Change W-4

How to Register With Kroger Hr Express

Before you proceed to the Kroger HR Express, you have to complete the registration process by following these steps: 

  • Visit the official website ExpressHR login
  • You get the registration form on the Homepage. Read the complete information given on the registration form and enter your user ID in the given field. 
  • Now, enter your password in the second column. 
  • Click on “I Agree” and then click on “Accept.” 
  • You will be registered to your Kroger Pay Stub Employee account, and now you will be redirected to the homepage from where you can access your details about Paystub, job schedule, and leaves. 

How to Express HR Login @

If you want to check your Pay Stub online at, you can follow these steps: 

  • Go to the official site
  • Enter the login credentials that you have collected from HR departed. 
  • Make sure to read all the terms & conditions.
  • Click on “I Agree” 
  • And then click on “Submit.” 
  • You will be directed to the dashboard; from here, you can check your Pay Stub on Wednesday. 

What Is The Use Of Secure Kroger ExpressHR?

Secure web Kroger Express HR is the latest technology launched by Kroger for their employees. The portal keeps employees’ ID sage, and users can easily check their work schedules. Also, the Secure Kroger Express HR offers a single sign-in facility where you can easily log in with your user ID and password. 

With this, you can access different applications with different login options. The Single Sign-on facility helps keep your identity secure. 

Express HR Access Rules

If you want to access this platform, you need to follow some rules that are mentioned below: 

  • You must be a current employee of Kroger and have valid credentials. 
  • You need to register at the online platform with a valid username ID and password given to Kroger employees. If you don’t have an ID, you can ask the store manager to provide you with login credentials. 
  • Do not share your login details with anyone. 
  • Access to the company portal only through a valid link. Do not access the link if it is broken. 

Kroger ExpressHR Contact Information

If you face any trouble logging in to the Kroger ExpressHR platform, you can access the Kroger Services Center. The contact information is as follows: 

Phone Number- 1-877-373-3397

Dial number- 1-800-952-8889


This is all about the Express HR by Kroger. This online portal helps to check Pay Stub, request for leaves, modify your employee ID, and more from your mobile. However, to access this, you need a strong internet connection, a mobile device, and a valid user EUID and password. If you face any trouble while login, contact the given numbers and get the solution, 

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